Friday, November 11, 2005

Howard Rheingold

My prescient forecasted dreams of the 'always-on' eras. I saw about 100 People in the street huzzaing, crying revolution. But it came to nought. I guess all those Smart Mobs, weren't exactly that smart after all. And why we should scruple to call such a set of people a Mob, I can't conceive, unless the name is too respectable for them.
Magic and technology. Voodoo dolls and chants. Electricity.
We're makin' fantasy and microchips.
Shooting from the hip, something different...
Diagrams and charts, something like a recipe
A Lighthearted Blog of Untranslatable Words and Phrases. Now that I can digitize my thoughts and twiddle their pixels on a screen, the spacey new-agey mind-images I have known for decades take on new meanings and new dimensions. Here, hold my trippy Orange Crushed Internet Meme, but donnnn't drink it! Also check out my painted shoes...