Thursday, December 08, 2005

Cory Doctorow

Speaking at Borders Bookstore

I'm speaking at the Borders Bookstore in Seattle where I'll be reading from my part-work meme mash-up Yet Another Half Part Work Drops Out Of The Printer, Tuesday 25th. It's available under a Creative Commons Entirely-Derivative License. (CC-EDL)

Link (Thanks, Larry!)

Total French DRM headfuck lockdown

Gimp sez -

"Seems like the French TV network Analplus has sold out to the DRMfuck Copyright Maximalists by mandating a biometric reader in every Teevee console."

Bastards. Slapback! Slap BACK NOW!

Write to your French greengrocer! Write to your Congressman - mention MEEEeee. KopyrightKrusader! Stop the copchip remote. The EFF has more.


[Update: Jean Pierre sez: the reader isn't in the TEEVEE - it's in a separate dongle. Works by wireless. Read my Mouth: Dongles Made NO SENSE in the 1980s and make NO SENSE NOW! Makes me so fucken' ANGREEEE.]

[Update Update?: OK calm down folks. The infra red handheld device isn't a dongle, there's no DRM. Apparently, it lets you change channels from across the room. Hey, Way Way Krad Kewl!, I want one]

Link (Thanks, Danny!)

Speaking at the Horticulture Club

I'm in the UK, dud3z! I gave a talk to the Little Gleaming Horticulture Club in the English state of Surrey, on the coming piglock copchip headfuck DRM Lockdown.
I spread some memes - I worked off some steam.

Instantaneous stream of consciousness blogspeak transcript here. Set them up and slapped them down good. Slap. Backslap. Slapback! Bitchin'!


Wi-Fi Dildo

Kewl! Check this out! Out!! Seems like Disney has made an animatronic Wi-Fi dildo.

Link (Thanks, Belkin!)

[Update: Jeanette sez - "It's not a dildo. Cory I think you were so tense and angry you shoved your USB Bluetooth dongle up your own ass. Relax." Shouts. True, I did - and I didn't even notice.]

Quit Kvetching

Administrators note: Thanx - but no thanx! - to the stoopid kvetchers in the Angree-Angree Forum we're taking it down and moving it someplace sup3r-s3kre3t so you can't complain about KopyrightKrusaderrr. NO ONE DISSES KOPYRIGHT-KRUSADERRRR CORY. Gotta complaint? Heh - Talk to my FIST! (When it's not busy).

Deal outlaws DRM??? ALERRRT! Listen up: this seems suspicious: The copyright maximialists the RIAA - the guys who want to put a chip implant in my brain - and the Library of Congress sez they've done a deal where you can swap as many MP3s as you want. K3WL! Yes? No?! BASTARDS! Or... maybeee!?!

I dunno. Bad meme? Good meme? TENSE TIMES! Don't know what to think until I've got my Mash-Up MemeScript talking points from Larry Lessig. Saved me from my past life - 90s a BLUR - and bastard copchip Doctoroff family in Toronto! Always messing with me - Always laughing at me - Always messing with putz Cory. Now putz Cory is immaculate konception CELEBRITY KOPYRIGHT FIGHTERR! Now putz Cory is STrrrRRONG?! Buy my book. BUT SEND TALKING POINTS NOW NOW LARRY HURRY LARRY!

Official! DRM outlawed

Brad sez,

"It's official. DRM is to be outlawed. Great news!

No bitch bad. No DRM piglock copchip headfuck buttfuck - no KRUSADER KORY! Call the EFF! Write to your Congressman! WE need piglock copchip buttchip headfuck MAXIMALIST EMINENT DOOMESDAY so I look k3wl, stay angry, maintain blood pressure. Bastards! Beefmouth headbeat buttchip beatmeat beatmeat beatmeat beatmeat $Ap dfi]m.,k;lj[dfg...