Thursday, December 01, 2005

David Weinburger

Meme in a glass bowl. Like a fish. Beautiful. Connected.


We all want to connect. I want to connect. Connect with clever people. Connect with little people. I am little and clever - in that order.

Meme world connect in a world better than the world is. Mouseyhousewife says: "Dave, your piece about Japanese water gardens made me cry".

Small pieces - online. Loosely tangled. My piece Small. Wish it would tangle.

But here's a meme: ALWAYS BETTER online. ONLINE: less small, more clever. I read St Augustine and Heidigger. Prefer Stephen King. And not all Heidigger: just the one about technology. A small part of it. Fast meme-skim. Ur-being-becoming? No-thing! Then McLuhan. All McLuhan. Lost in a global village of No-thing. But the no-thing is us! Awk-ward questions: DIS-PEL. Stu-DENTS: Go A-WAY.

Online, We CONNECT. Less kvetch. Choose who you use in our CONNECTED sphere of HARMONY.

I am cleverer than David. I am not as clever as Stephen. David stooops to bow - calls me the Doctor. I too bow to stoop to Stephen.

Now I'm on a trip to Venice walking in the footsteps Dirk Bogarde in Death In Venice. Did HE connect? With a Big PIECE? Wasn't online. Never discovered the mag-ic.

Dear Dear Dave. Our Father. Calls me a putz. Calls me out. I love Dave. I love Dave's big PIECE but I'm never joined. Make peace.

Blogging live from a Howard Dean rally tonight - and I wave my little piece in the air. Loosely coupled. Joe Trippi sees it! "Who are you?" But sometimes, loose pieces join. He SEES IT! He GETS IT!! Night of a Thousand Internet Advisors! I'm one too! Now I'm on TV! The ME-dium is the Mess-AGE. But I hate TV! Viewers Go-A-WAY. Cynics and KVETCHES Go-AWAY!!

So I wet my pants and quit.

Let me explain. It wasn't me. It was TV. TV wasn't CONNECTED. It was wrong. Made me some other loosely connected putz. BETTER ONLINE. Less KVETCH. EX-clude who you can't use.

I am not gay. I am not gay. I am not gay. I am not gay. I am Not-Gay.