Friday, July 21, 2006

The Long-Tail - Ultra Condensed Version

More (not less) niche, niche me good...success in less. Lots of less is a yes. All hail hyper-efficient digital oligopolies, Alvin Toffler new economy diet toffee-bars. No more middle, increasing returns do not exist, just more of less, except when less is actually more more. More of less, more, unless less is less. Bestsellers are no more, well except for this book, always exceptions. Make it a bestseller, pretty pretty please. That way less can be more (for me). But it's more about less, less as more more, of less less, as more.

Keep on blogging me, baby...less is more, more of less, less of less of more, is more. Lots of onesies and twosies make more, just sometimes less of more. No more blockbusters, they don't exist, well except for some kinda, but still, lots of non-hits add up to more, that is 'more of less' hits. More is less - more or less, sorta.

More as less, of more, as less, of less more, more of less, as more, of less less more. But more is less, unless less is more as less less. Then more is more as less of more more.

Bless less, less mess and no stress or excess, I profess, it's progress with success, so very simplesse. Yes. But I must confess my transgress it's mainly just to noblesse impress, more or less.

[Repeat endlessly until it starts to somehow make sense. But with an endless-loop stop gap at the skull-cracking headache induction point.]